Playing the Muertos Multiplier Megaways Slot

Pragmatic Play’s Muertos Multiplier Megaways translates roughly to Dead Ones Multiplier Megaways in English. That may sound morbid, but then you recall that Muertos Multiplier Megaways is a reference to the joyous holiday known as Day of the Dead. The colorful Mexican festival is widely used in slot machines, proving its widespread appeal in the gaming world. It’s quite ironic that a holiday celebrating loved ones who have passed away puts such a heavy emphasis on mortality. Whatever your opinion of the plausibility of the game’s hackneyed Mexican cultural allusions, Muertos Multiplier Megaways features an innovative progressive multiplier mechanism that might significantly increase your chances of winning.

Muertos Multiplier Megaways transports players to an unnamed Mexican community. A large floating donkey is chained to the roof of one of the brightly colored buildings on one side of the panel. While the Muertos Multiplier Megaways slot machine has certain decorations that nod to the holiday (such as skulls and candles), it doesn’t go off with a bang on November 2. To top it all off, there’s a fantastic guitar track that flutters lazily while the reels aren’t spinning, picks up the tempo when they are, and goes into full-on fiesta mode when free spins come, making the overall experience a bit more refined.

The reels in a standard Megaways game spin in a grid with six positions vertically and one tracking reel horizontally. Including the four symbols on the uppermost reel, a maximum of seven symbols can land on each aligned column, for a total of 117,649 possible combinations of winning symbols. Muertos Multiplier Megaways is a very volatile slot machine with many RTP options (the optimal setting is 96.03%, however this reduces to 96.00% when purchasing extra spins). Mobile, tablet, and desktop play are all supported, and wagers range from 20 pence to £/€100 each spin.

When two or more of the same kind of pay symbols appear on adjacent reels, beginning on the leftmost reel, a win is triggered. Hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades are the first suit we encounter, followed by guitars, nachos ‘n dip, tacos, cactus, liquor bottles, and skulls. If you acquire six of the same suit symbols in a row, you win half your wager or 0.6x, and if you get six of the other symbols, you earn between 0.75x and 5x your bet. Wilds can replace any ordinary pay symbol, although they are only seen on the first reel.

Features of the Muertos Multiplier Megaways Slot

Keep an eye out for additional features like tumbles, wild multipliers, free spins, and maybe even a bonus purchase when you play Muertos Multiplier Megaways.

Flip Function

When a winning combination is hit, the reels will tumble to eliminate the associated symbols. Once those slots are filled, the remaining symbols on the reel strip will drop down to the reels below. If the falling icons form a new winning combination, the tumble function will activate once more. When there is no longer a chance of a victory, the next spin can begin.

Indecent Proportions

When two or more wild symbols appear simultaneously, the win is multiplied by two or three. The meter on the side of the reels keeps track of this multiplier, which is applied to the current tumble and any subsequent tumbles during the same spin. When more wilds appear, their multipliers add to the meter’s total. At the beginning of each spin in the standard game, the multiplier is set to 1.

Bonus Turns

The scatter is the symbol wrapped in chili peppers, and you need to land at least three of these to begin the free spins bonus round. A certain number of free spins will be created before the round begins. This might be 5-14, 6-14, 7-14, or 8-14, depending on whether the bonus was triggered by 3, 4, 5, or 6 bonus symbols. If fewer than 14 free spins are shown, the player has the option of spinning the wheel to win more. Each successful bet awards 1 additional free spin, up to a maximum of 14. If the attempt fails, the free spins will be forfeited.

A few adjustments are made throughout the bonus spins. One of them is a one-to-one increase in the win multiplier after each roll. Additionally, wild symbols continue to be accumulated on the win multiplier by x2 or x3, just as in the main game. The win multiplier does not reset until the free spins round is over. In the bonus round, you may win an unlimited amount of extra free spins by getting 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatters.

You Can Buy Spins

Players can potentially purchase free spins (which are activated at random by 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols) for 100x the stake.

Slot Review: Muertos Megaways with a Multiplier

Muertos Multiplier Megaways stands out among the expanding number of Day of the Dead-themed slot machines for a variety of reasons. For one, it’s interestingly more subdued and refined than many other slots of its kind. Slot developers may really let their imaginations run wild by choosing The Day of the Dead as their theme. It would be tempting to put a piata or other similar item into a slot full of similar objects. Muertos Multiplier Megaways stuffs a bit, but it does so in a more subtle way than some of its rivals, and this works to its advantage.

Pragmatic Play, like the aesthetics, doesn’t go overboard with the features, yet everything in this game is necessary. Typically, features like tumbles or win multipliers are fine on their own, but when combined, amazing things may happen. In one of the initial free spins rounds, the win multiplier was at x15 until a wild symbol triggered an instantaneous increase to x30. It bears restating that the multiplier value of a wild symbol is not added to the win multiplier. Instead, the win multiplier value increases by one for every wild that contributes to a winning combination. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, players can win up to 10,000 times their original wager.

Muertos Multiplier Megaways isn’t the best choice if you’re hoping for a Day of the Dead slot that’ll blow your mind with its graphics and feature set. But have no fear; Muertos Multiplier Megaways is not a coward. Depending on your perspective, there are a lot of exciting cultural artifacts to explore here, or cliches. However, if you’re looking for a well-made slot with a Day of the Dead theme and some smart extras, this one could be perfect.